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Awtor: Brian Tracy
Neşir ediji: AMACOM
Barkody: 9780814433119
70.00 TMT
Kitap daşy: Gaty
Dil: Iňlis

As a manager, one of your most important responsibilities is to motivate your employees to do their absolute best. Managers who create positive, rewarding, high-energy environments reduce absenteeism and turnover while dramatically increasing productivity and quality.

In Motivation, success expert Brian Tracy draws on his decades of experience bringing out the best in others to provide 21 of the fastest, most powerful methods ever discovered for increasing the effectiveness of any individual or group. He reveals how to:

• Ensure employees look forward to coming to work and feel passionate about what they do

• Challenge them with tasks that allow them to stretch

• Satisfy their need to feel both autonomous and part of a greater whole

• Reduce their fear of failure and increase their desire to try

• Remove obstacles that hold people back

• Provide the regular feedback they need to succeed

• And much more!

Most people are just waiting for someone to come along and inspire them to greatness. Packed with proven tools and strategies, this essential guide helps any manager deliver a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart of his or her work team.