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Solutions Intermediate (2nd edition)
Solutions Intermediate (2nd edition)
Neşir ediji: Oxford University Press
Barkody: 9780194553674
130.00 TMT
Kitap daşy: Ýumşak
Dil: Iňlis

Solutions 2nd edition retains the clear one lesson per page structure that teachers around the world loved about the 1st edition of Solutions. The focus of each lesson is signposted at the top of the page and every lesson starts with an 'I can..' statement so teachers and students always know what they are aiming for.

One lesson-per-page structure with achievable goals, clear signposting of the skill being practised, and gradual build-up to a productive outcome, gives everyone a sense of achievement after every class

Updated, motivating texts with effective vocabulary exploitation activities for increased engagement and active practice

Speaking is integrated into all lessons, with step-by-step guidance leading to real-life practice, to make the activities meaningful and memorable

Dedicated writing page in every unit provides model texts and a step by step guide for producing their own piece of work

Get Ready for Your Exam pages, Productive tasks, 'Check your work' sections, and Exam Strategy boxes, ensure students are well prepared for their school leaving exam