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Time Management
Time Management
Awtor: Brian Tracy
Neşir ediji: AMACOM
Barkody: 9789387383005
70.00 TMT
Kitap daşy: Gaty
Dil: Iňlis

It’s a simple equation: the better you use your time, the more you will accomplish and the greater you will succeed. Imagine what you could accomplish with two more productive hours every single day.

In this indispensable, pocket-sized guide, business author and success expert Brian Tracy reveals 21 proven time management techniques you can use immediately to gain two or more productive hours every day.

Tracy also identifies and shares the strategies he’s learned himself has identified as the most effective for readers having trouble fitting everything the day brings them inside a 24-hour window.

In Time Management, you will learn how to:

- Handle endless interruptions, meetings, emails, and phone calls

- Identify your key result areas

- Allocate enough time for top priority responsibilities

- Batch similar tasks to preserve focus and make the most of each minute

- Overcome procrastination

- Determine what to delegate and what to eliminate

- Utilize Program Evaluation and Review Techniques to work backward from the future, and more!

Filled with Tracy's trademark wisdom, Time Management is an invaluable, time-creating resource that will help you get more done in less time and with much less stress.