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Touchstone 4 (Second Edition)
Touchstone 4 (Second Edition)
Barkody: 9781107680432
85.00 TMT
Kitap daşy: Ýumşak
Dil: Iňlis
Çap ýyly: 2014

Touchstone, together with Viewpoint, is a six-level English program based on research from the Cambridge English Corpus.

It presents natural language in authentic contexts, and explicitly develops conversation strategies so learners speak with fluency and confidence. You can choose the best way to deliver the course to your students: 100% classroom-based, 100% online or any blend in-between.

Key features: Corpus-informed language Extensive Corpus research ensures that the language taught is the language people really use.

Conversation strategies Students learn the language and skills to interact naturally and confidently.

Inductive learning Students are encouraged to work out grammatical structures and English usage for themselves. Therefore they are more likely to remember what they have learnt.

Common errors Touchstone incorporates unique research into the Cambridge Learner Corpus which identifies the most typical learner errors. These problem areas are highlighted in 'Common error' panels to help students avoid them before they become entrenched.