Täze Delegation & Supervision
Delegation & Supervision
Awtor: Brian Tracy
Neşir ediji: AMACOM
Kategoriýa: Biznes
Barkody: 9780814433140
Dili: Iňlis
Kitap daşy: Gaty
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So often, managers’ performance reviews, their salary increases, and basically their fate within the company in general are judged by the results they deliver . . . yet those results are usually produced by a team of employees working under them. Which means that perhaps the most important and broad-reaching aspect of a manager’s job is the ability to delegate and supervise extremely well.In Delegation & Supervision, success expert Brian Tracy reveals time-tested ways any manager can use to boost the performance and productivity of their employees, including how to:• Define work, assign it, and set measurable, targeted standards for performance • Match skills to job requirements • Use Management by Objectives to delegate longer-term tasks to trusted team members • Monitor, control, and keep on top of projects with minimum effort • Turn delegation into a teaching tool and build the confidence of your staff • Avoid reverse delegation • Free up time for higher-level tasks only you can tackle • And much moreWhen done right, delegation and supervision will allow your employees to learn, grow, and become more capable. And you will impress the higher-ups with all that you and your team accomplished. When done wrong . . . well, you can’t afford to get it wrong.