Täze Freakonomics
Neşir ediji: B DE BOLSILLO
Barkody: 9780061234002
Dili: Iňlis
Çap ýyly: 2014
Kitap daşy: Ýumşak
Sahypa sany: 330
130.00 TMT
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Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything is the debut non-fiction book by University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen J. Dubner. Published on April 12, 2005, by William Morrow, the book has been described as melding pop culture with economics.[1] By late 2009, the book had sold over 4 million copies worldwide.[2] Based on the success of the original book, Levitt and Dubner have grown the Freakonomics brand into a multi-media franchise, with a sequel book, a feature film, a regular radio segment on National Public Radio, and a weekly blog.