Täze The Rules Of Management
The Rules Of Management
Neşir ediji: FT Press
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Barkody: 9780273735731
Dili: Iňlis
Çap ýyly: 2011
Çap belgisi: 4. çap
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A definitive code for managerial success

 Some people find management so easy. They appear to be natural leaders, painlessly negotiating the system, the politics, the people, and the targets.

Is there something they know that the rest of us don’t? Is it something we can all learn? The answer is a resounding yes. They know the Rules of management.

These Rules are the guiding principles that show you how to inspire your team in a way that gets results. They will help you say the right thing, do the right thing, and know instinctively how to handle every situation.

In this new edition of the international bestseller, Richard Templar has added 10 new Rules to help you make management even easier and your success greater. And when you are headhunted or promoted (again), nobody will be surprised. Least of all you.

Others can be good. You’ll be better.